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What is TaxConnections?

TaxConnections.com is a Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals that connects consumers with tax professionals and tax services around the world.

What Is The Cost Of A Consumer Membership?

A TaxConnections Consumer Membership is free, all you need to do is Sign Up.

Consumer Membership enables you to:

  1. 1. Find A Tax Professional in the Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals.
  2. 2. Ask Tax Questions anonymously in our Ask Tax Questions Forum.
  3. 3. Ask Tax Questions directly to Tax Professionals you want to meet.
  4. 4. Read Tax Blogs in Worldwide Tax Blogs.
  5. 5. Build a Book of Contacts of Tax Professionals
  6. 6. View upcoming Tax Events.
  7. 7. Participate in our Tax Polls.

Can I Ask Tax Questions Anonymously?

Yes, all Tax Questions submitted will be done so anonymously in accordance with our “Forum Guidelines.”

What Is A Consumer Membership?

Sign Up for a Consumer Membership to access the site for FREE! Consumers search the interactive Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals in order to find a Tax Professional and ask tax questions. Consumers can also participate in Tax Polls and view the Worldwide Tax Events Calendar.

How Can I Tell What Type Of Account I Have?
  1. Public and consumer accounts have a blue Header bar:
  2. Professional accounts have a green Header bar:
Who Can Answer Tax Questions?
  1. Only Tax Professionals with a registered membership are permitted to answer tax questions to ensure the quality and legitimacy of the response. You must be signed into your Tax Professional account to answer, if not you will see this button that should direct you to the Log-In page.
What Type Of Tax Professionals Are On The Site?

TaxConnections lists Tax Professionals in corporations, public accounting firms, law firms, independent tax consultants, government tax agencies, and academia. We also encourage graduating tax students to create a visible tax brand on our site.

What Do You Do To Be Seen On The Home Page As A Featured Tax Professional?
  1. TaxConnections Home Page is the most visited on our website. We encourage you to do the following in order to be seen on the Home Page.
  1. When you sign up for a Tax Professional membership, upload your photo in order to become a featured Tax Professional on TaxConnections Home Page.
  2. When you answer tax questions you appear on the TaxConnections Home Page. Tax Professional members are the only people who can answer tax questions submitted in our Ask Tax Questions Forum. Go into Ask Tax Questions to locate tax questions you want to answer for our site visitors.
Can I Post Tax Events If I Am Not A Tax Professional?

You are welcome to receive permission to post simply by making the request to kat@taxconnections.com

What Is The Worldwide Tax Events Calendar?

The Worldwide Tax Events Calendar posts tax conferences, seminars and a wide range of continuing education programs for all Tax Professionals. You must be a Tax Professional member to post events on the site.

What Is A Tax Professional Membership?

Sign Up for a Tax Professional Membership to be listed in the interactive Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals. We provide a wide range of tools for Tax Professionals that build your online tax brand identity. Every Tax Professional Member receives a Tax Boardroom, a Tax Library, Skype Connect, Book of Contacts, Social Media/Press Releases, Interact Directly With Your Business Relationships. Additionally, Tax Professional Members who Answer Tax Questions in the open forum will have their tax brand and photo displayed on the Home and Ask Tax Questions landing pages. The more socially/professionally interactive you are on TaxConnections, the more visibility for your tax brand! TaxConnections is focused on promoting your tax brand to the more than one billion people searching for tax help online each year. Important Note: Once you become a Tax Professional Member the Header Bar will turn green when you Login.

What is the Cost of a Tax Professional Membership?

A Tax Professional Membership costs $29.95 per month or $299.95 for an annual membership. We recommend an annual membership because it is the best deal for you!

You can Sign Up for a Tax Professional Membership by clicking on this link

What Kind Of Video Can I Upload On My Tax Professional Profile Page?
  1. On your Tax Professional Profile Page, you have a designated spot for a video. The content on your video can range from discussing a tax issue or an introductory message about yourself and your tax expertise.

Why Is The Tax Library Important?

The Tax Library is the best place to keep articles, documents, publications, newsletters, Tax Forms and a wide variety of information you want visitors to your Tax Professional Profile to view. Your personal Tax Library provides credibility regarding your tax knowledge and expertise. You have two choices when uploading your Tax Library: 1) You can upload it so it is seen in full public view on your Tax Professional Profile page and in your Tax Boardroom; or 2) You can upload these documents into your Tax Boardroom where the people you screen through to your Tax Boardroom can only see this information.

You can upload up to nine documents into your Tax Boardroom and we recommend that you do so to create more interest in your Tax Professional Profile. You can upload a variety of files which include the following: doc, docx, txt, xlsx, csv, ppt, pptx, and pdf only.

What Kind Of Documents Can I Upload Into My Tax Library?

Your Tax Library may contain up to nine documents to display. The documents can be articles, white papers, tax forms, press releases, publications, PowerPoint presentations, Excel Spreadsheets, etc. When selecting your document, it will need to be in one of these formats: doc, docx, txt, xlsx, csv, ppt, pptx, and pdf only. (File size cannot be larger than 3 MB.)

What Is The Tax Boardroom?

Every Tax Professional member on our site has a virtual tax office known as the Tax Boardroom. In order to enter a Tax Professionals’ Tax Boardroom in the Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals, you must click on the "Connect With Me" button on their profile page. Once you make this request, a message will appear that asks you to identify yourself to the Tax Professional with a message. It is up to each Tax Professional to screen you through to their private Tax Boardroom. You will receive a notice once the Tax Professional has received your message and screened you through. You can then communicate directly with each other in the Tax Boardroom as often as you like.

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