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Jesse Baker

Griffin Reinhard
Marketing Manager

Aittidej Tan

Gian Pazzia

Stephen Yarina
Director - retired

Theo Watkins Jr

Yosef Klein

Enrique J Arguello

Michael Jacobson

John M Lieder

Michelle Skanes

Susan Harke

Raymond Scott
Enrolled Agent

Barry Fowler

Lisa MacKechnie, MSA
Tax Consultant

Marilyn O'Haleck

Brian Bachar

William Perez
Freelance Writer-Editor

Dinesh Patel
Managing Tax Partner

Amanda Bodkin, EA
Enrolled Agent

Larry Stolberg, CPA, CA
Tax Specialist

Charlie Lyons

Linda Kuttner
Senior Tax Trainer

Anne Bardopoulos
Senior Manager, VAT

Steven Rios

Anthony Burges, BBA, JD

Daniel Mitchikoff

Kat Jennings CEO
Founder/TaxConnections CEO

Anne Liebgott

Caran Ebert, CPA
Tax Advisor
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