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Patrick Murphy
Enrolled Agent

John Stancil

Don Walters
Chief Executive Officer

Gian Pazzia

Gary Carter, PhD, MT, CPA

Anthony Burges, BBA, JD

Tracey Glenn
Chief Operations Officer

Peter J. Scalise
Federal Tax Credits & Incentives Practice Leader

Serge Gautron
Managing Partner

Roger Binyon

Kat Jennings CEO
Founder/TaxConnections CEO

John Langreck

Pallav Acharya

Ronald Marini
Int'l Tax Expert

Lisa MacKechnie, MSA
Tax Consultant

Griffin Reinhard
Marketing Manager

Frank Fioretti

John Manning
Director of Tax

Blake Christian
Tax Partner

Todd Strumpfer

Kathryn Morgan
Police Communications Officer

Lisa Nason CPA, MST
Tax Director

Brian Mahany
Managing Partner

William Perez
Freelance Writer-Editor

Jeff Johnson

Larry Stolberg, CPA, CA
Tax Specialist

Hugo Van Zyl
Exchange Control & Master Tax Practitioner (SA)

John Dundon, II EA
Tax Director
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