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TaxConnections “Verify A State Law License” Interactive Map

TaxConnections Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals provides this interactive map in order to verify that a Lawyer has a license to practice law in that state. In the United States, each State has rules to qualify for a State Law License. In order to verify that the Lawyer you hire is licensed in the state they are practicing, we encourage you to CLICK STATE in order to verify the status of their law license.

TaxConnections State Bar License Search Interactive Map



Kat Jennings founded, the first tax media network connecting tax professionals and taxpayers worldwide. In 1984, she also founded, the internationally recognized retained executive search firm for tax professionals. She is an internationally recognized expert and retained search consultant to multinationals who seek highly qualified tax executives to lead complex world-class tax organizations.

TaxConnections emerged as a tax media network to connect tax professionals with taxpayers searching for a wide range of tax expertise around the world.

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One comment

  1. Andy Grossman says:

    This would be a useful resource (subject to the exceptions for certain courts and for certain legal professionals from other countries) but … I got a 404 “no such Web page” on my iPhone for every state I tried.

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